10 Inspirational Mister Rogers Quotes To Get You Through This (And Any) Year

January 4th, 2015

Mister Rogers certainly ranks amongst America’s most-quotable television icons. “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” was carefully-scripted and thoroughly-rehearsed based on meticulous research. And by all accounts (including my own), he was equally engaging, inspiring and memorable in person.

So when, in our film, “Mister Rogers & Me,” my brother and I set out to document how he changed my life, it was clear that quotes (in addition to extensive source material and interviews) would be critical. We ended up using ten as chapters, if you will, marking the major themes as articulated by Tim Russert, Susan Stamberg, Linda Ellerbee and more.

As we wrap up 2014 (a great year in which our film was seen by as many viewers as it had been in all the years since its 2010 premiere, and garnered an America Public Television Program Excellence Award), and head into 2015, then, no better time to share these ten inspirational quotes.











“Mister Rogers & Me” is available on DVD, iTunes, and your local PBS station.

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  • Benjamin Wagner first met “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” creator and star, Fred Rogers, at Rogers’ summer home on Nantucket, Massachusetts. His mother rented the cottage next door, so Mister Rogers really was his neighbor. On the afternoon of their first meeting, “America’s Favorite Neighbor” asked the young journalist about his job as an MTV News producer.  Wagner felt exposed and a tiny-bit embarrassed, a PBS mind in a jump-cut, sound-bit MTV world. Mister Rogers said warml ...
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